Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems



The Project

ESMERA aims to support EU SMEs in materializing, testing and promoting robotic technologies through:

ESMERA Strategy for supporting robotics research by SMEs

To achieve these objectives ESMERA involves 4 renowned robotics CCs (LMS, CEA, TUM, TEKNIKER) and 3 industrial partners/ facilitators (R U Robots, Blue Ocean Robotics, COMAU) who are at the forefront of EU robotics technology development. The project aspires to realize research experiments in two phases:



To ensure that all project outcomes have a commercially viable route to market and to inspire SMEs in focusing their development efforts towards solving real life problems, ESMERA introduces the notion of Challenges. Challenges originate from the needs of key EU companies in different sectors that employ production processes that have not yet been, partially or fully, automated by robotics. ESMERA defined four challenge areas, namely Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, and Agri-food.

For each challenge area, two fields are defined.

Competence Centers

Competence Centers are physical locations that provide test environments for challenges and equipment to SMEs for their experiments. CCs are dedicated to the deployment of innovative technologies in industries. They offer expert support for advising on deployment and fast assesment of robotics solutions. They bridge the gap between research and industry.

Project Partners

  • LMS
  • CEA
  • BOR
  • RUR

Further Information