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Experimental Platform for Innovative Electric Car Architectures

Currently great efforts are taken to move from ordinary cars with combustion engine towards fully electric cars with eCorners. In industry this way leads over cars with hybrid engines. Thereby a lot of the restrictions of combustion engines are inherited and the electric engine is only used to replace the ordinary engine. So this approach can not benefit from the new features of electric engines. On the other side all the mechanical safety mechanisms are working as before to ensure necessary functionality in situations of system blackouts.

Within the eCar project, an experimental platform is built to demonstrate the new possibilities with respect to the state of the art in computer science. The goal is to develop an innovative architecture for electric cars fully steered by x-by-wire. Further project goals are centralization of control functions to minimize the number of ECUs, an innovative system for redundancy management, and an unification of used bus protocols.

Preview of the eCar Demonstrator

CAD model of eCar

Key Data:


Different drive modes


eCar eCar
eCar eCar and I6 Automotive Team

Student Day at TUM Department of Informatics on 11th of May 2010


Exhibition Embedded World 2010 in N├╝rnberg

eCar eCar

First public presentation of eCar on 15th of October 2009

Labor set up for the eCar One of the eCorner modules First assembly of the eCar

Car under construction (August 2009)


eCar at SPS/IPC/DRIVES Exhibition (November 2010)

Demonstration of Different eCar Drive Modes (November 2010)

eCar at Embedded World Exhibition (March 2010)

eCar Drive (March 2010)

First eCar Testdrive in a Garage (October 2009)




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