Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

Humanoid Robotics

Veranstalter Dipl.-Ing. Michael Jäntsch, Dipl.-Inf. Steffen Wittmeier
Typ Masterseminar
Semester SS 2010
ECTS 4.0
Vorbesprechung Do. 11.02.10 um 10:30-11:30 im Seminarraum 03.07.023
Zeit & Ort Do. 14:00 - 15:30 (ab 17.06.2010) im Seminarraum 03.07.023
Schein erfolgreiche Teilnahme am Seminar (Vortrag, schriftliche Ausarbeitung, aktive Teilnahme)

Beschreibung (in English)

Humanoid robots are typically bipedal, autonomous robots that mimic the shape of the human body and that are particularly designed to cope with the demanding challenges that arise in human-centered environments (e.g. human-machine interaction).

In contrast to traditional autonomous robots where the control of the robot is nowadays well understood and where topics such as self-localization or autonomous map-generation are state-of-the-art, the limb control of humanoid robots imposes dramatic problems that are still, after years of research, barely solved. These control problems mainly arise from the many degrees of freedom which the human brain seems to control so effortlessly. Hence, new biologically-inspired control approaches are developed right now and compared to the performance of classical controllers. Time will tell whether these promising approaches will bring the anticipated breakthrough.



Datum Titel Vortragender Betreuer
17.06. Humanoid Robotics - Approaches & Concepts Florian Liegsalz Steffen Wittmeier
17.06. Cognitive Architectures for Humanoid Robots Vladimir Haltakov Michael Jäntsch
24.06. Elastic Actuators - Design & Control Nico Mansfeld Michael Jäntsch
24.06. Motor Control - Humans vs. Robots Georg Barbieri Steffen Wittmeier
01.07. RoboCub - Humanoid League Kai Orend Steffen Wittmeier
01.07. Visual Servoeing in Humanoid Robot Control Sonila Dobi Michael Jäntsch
08.07. Humanoid Walking Machines Karsten Bertulies Michael Jäntsch
08.07. Machine Learning in Humanoid Robot Control Christian Schmaler Steffen Wittmeier
15.07. Proprioceptive Sensors Matthias Hellerer Michael Jäntsch
15.07. Using Internal Models for Robot Control Axel Klemm Steffen Wittmeier