Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

SS2016 - MastersLabCourse 'Autonomous Robots and Factories of Future'

Organizers Dr. Francesco Maurelli, Dr. Daniel Renjewski, Dr. Hardik Shah and Arne Peters
Module IN2106
Type Master Lab Course
Semester SS 2016
ECTS 10.0
Time & Location tba Lab, Schleissheimer Str. 90a
Participation Matching System


Contents & Scope

Factories of future will involve humans and robots working in close co-operation in the “fenceless cells”. This involves an intelligent FactoryFloor (FF) manager which can optimise production plan and partly re-configure factory resources (robots and humans) to manufacture customised products at low cost. An obvious constraint is the safety of the human operators, regardless of the product being manufactured. One of the approaches to guarantee the safety is to observe the entire factory floor using multiple sensors (cameras, lasers etc.) and detect risk scenarios (e.g. a human dangerously approaching a moving robot). The smart sensors detect these scenarios and relay the information to FF manager. FF manager then takes necessary steps to avert the hazard. The intelligent robots (moving Robotinos to begin with) are assigned a task to pick and place objects following a particular path. The autonomous robots must be able to listen and react based on the information received from the FF manager, but also to locally recognise any hazard and react intelligently, by either stopping or deviating from the predefined trajectory.

Preliminary Topics

Required Skills

Very high motivation, well-structured working style, C/C++, Computer vision, Linux programming, ROS experience is a plus, fun in playing with hardware and robotics.

Further Reading

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