Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

HBP Neurorobotics SS 2016

Organizer PD Dr.rer.nat Florian Röhrbein
Module IN2107
Type Research Seminar
Semester SS 2016
ECTS 4.0
Room 03.07.011 or 03.07.023
Time Thursday, 9:00




* Learning or De-Learning - How Motor Circuits Develop

* Reservoir computing on dedicated HW

* Applications of Deep Learning in Robotics

* Applications of Reservoir Computing in Robotics

* Overview and comparison of existing software / tools for neural simulations

* Neural plasticity for robotic information streams

* Active Touch Sensing

* Robotics for Neuroscientists – more than just a mechanical test platform for neural hypotheses?

* Compliant Actuators – more than just a vestigiality?

* Much ado about nothing – do artificial neural circuits improve robotics control?

* AND MANY MORE.........



DateSorted descending Presenter Topic
  Rafael Hostettler Roboy / Myo Projects
  Sharru Möller Embedded Cortical Learning with Hierarchical Temporal Memory
  Marwin Sandner HTM on SpiNNaker
  Johannes Klein Lightweight Spiking Neural Network Framework for Neurorobotic Brain Simulation (Kick Off - Master IDP)
  HBP-TUM team summit planning
  Eva Siehmann Design of a Mouse-inspired Biomimetic Leg for a Walking Robot (Master's Thesis Defense)
30.06.2016 Mohamed Zahra End to End Learning
29.09.2016 Sharru Möller Embedded Cortical Learning with Hierarchical Temporal Memory (Bachelor's Thesis Defense)
28.04.2016 NO CLASS Neurorobotics Workshop in Tokyo, see program
25.08.2016 Jakob Hirscheider Docker for the Neurorobotics Platform
23.06.2016 Steffen Körner Problems of Deep Learning
22.09.2016 NO CLASS Bernstein Conference
21.04.2016 Timo Oess Spatial Reference Frames in Biological and Technical Systems, slides are here
18.08.2016 HBP-TUM team internal group meeting
16.06.2016 Hagen Schmidtchen Biomimetic Robots
15.09.2016 Philipp Stratmann Low-Dimensional Control of Efficient Elastic Movements
14.07.2016 Dian van Elst Hierarchical Planning for a Service Robot
14.04.2016 various speakers Full-Day Symposium on April 12, see agenda
12.05.2016 Alexander Vandesompele Neuroevolution on neuromorphic hardware
09.06.2016 Roman Podolski Applications of Deep Neural Networks in Robotics and Neuroscience
08.09.2016 Raphael Pusch The Evolution of the Hip on the Way to a Biomimetic Mouse Robot
07.04.2016 Florian Walter Neuromusculoskeletal Simulation by Interfacing OpenSim with NEST
04.08.2016 Richard Voigt Active Touch Sensing
02.06.2016 Vadim Lopatkin Implementation of a walking algorithm for NRP experiments
01.09.2016 Lucas Stoffl Recurrent Neural Networks for Spoofing Detection

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