Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

Human-Robot Interaction

Veranstalter Manuel Giuliani, M.Sc., Andre Gaschler M.Sc.
Modul IN8901
Typ Hauptseminar
Semester WS 2011/2012
ECTS 4.0
Vorbesprechung -
Zeit & Ort Tuesday 14 - 16 o'clock, room MI 03.07.023
Schein erfolgreiche Teilnahme am Seminar


The slides from the introduction are online and can be dowloaded here


Sorry, all topics are taken.

Presentation Topics

The following list is not fixed, if you are interested in other topics that are related to human-robot interaction, please email Manuel Giuliani ( to discuss your ideas.

Date Title Speaker Supervisor
25.10.2011 Introduction Manuel Giuliani, Andre Gaschler  
15.11.2011 Social Robotics Sören Jentzsch Manuel Giuliani
29.11.2011 Speech recognition Sebastian Denz Manuel Giuliani
29.11.2011 Speech processing Matteo Ostermeier Manuel Giuliani
06.12.2011 Dialogue management Eva Maria Gibtner Manuel Giuliani
06.12.2011 Robot motion planning Peter Gschirr Andre Gaschler
13.12.2011 Speech synthesis Sebastian Klingenbeck Manuel Giuliani
13.12.2011 Object manipulation Wolfgang Schwan Manuel Giuliani
13.12.2011 Robot architectures Ingrid Gatz Andre Gaschler
20.12.2011 Cognitive architectures I Sebastian Riedel Manuel Giuliani
20.12.2011 Cognitive architectures II Oliver Prater Manuel Giuliani


Human-robot interaction (HRI) is an active field of research. For successful HRI, knowledge and methods from various research directions have to be combined: the robot has to be able to recognise and track objects and persons in its environment, it needs to be able to understand utterances by its human partner, and it needs to be able to generate appropriate verbal and nonverbal responses to the human. This seminar gives a general overview of the challenges that arise in HRI and shows methods to solve these challenges.

Each participating student will have to prepare a 40 minute presentation, showing slides (PowerPoint, OpenOffice Impress, PDF) and presenting one of the above topics. The presentation needs to be presented to the seminar supervisors one week before the actual presentation date. Presentations can be held in either German or English.

Additionally, the presenters need to write a summary of their talk. The resulting document should be between 10 and 20 pages long and needs to be sent as a PDF document to the supervisors.

Besides the presentation and the written summary, the students have to be present at all seminar dates to successfully participate in the seminar.