Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

Control of Modular Robots (WS 2015)

Organizers Andrea Giusti, Esra Icer; Dongkun Han
Module IN2106, IN4181
Type Practical Course
Semester WS 2015
ECTS 10.0
Time & Location tba
Participation matching system + meeting with the advisor
Dongkun Han


Topic Selection

Topic StudentSorted ascending
Implementation of an Obtacle Avoidance Algorithm for Modular Robots Anjum Parvez Ali
Implementation of an Inverse Kinematic Algorithm for Modular Robot Manipulators Florian Grötzner
Kinematic Modelling and Calibration of a Modular Robot Manipulator Florian Hisch
Interfacing Simulink with the Robot using a Rapid Control Prototyping System Mohit Agarwal
Automatic Modelling and Control of a Modular Robot Manipulator Pascal Möller



Recongurable and modular robots are mechatronic systems composed of interchangeable modules. Thanks to their modular nature they can be adapted for different applications with clear advantages with respect to fixed-structure robots especially in flexible environments. Modular robots are advantageous for robot manufacturers providing a large portfolio of different robots with a few standard modules. Additionally, the customers can adapt their robots for different tasks without purchasing new ones.

Modular robots can be assembled in different ways and generally, for each assembly, a different mathematical model describes the kinematics and dynamics of the system. When the number of modules considered increases and when they are heterogeneous, the manual derivation of all possible models becomes unpractical. Automatic modelling methods have been developed to address these challenges.

The focus of this practical course is on modelling and control of modular robot manipulators.