Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

Lab course 'Design of an automated bicycle' WS 2016/17

Organizers Dr. Daniel Renjewski, Dipl.-Ing. Gereon Hinz
Module IN2106
Type Master Lab Course
Semester WS 2016
ECTS 10.0
Time & Location Mondays, 5pm 03.07.012
Participation Matching System


Contents & Scope

The lab course will aim for the development and implementation of mechanical, electrical/electronic and software components to facilitate the augmentation of bicycle functionality. The lab course will also cover techniques of project management, which each group will be expected to implement.

Preliminary Topics

Required Skills

Very high motivation, well-structured working style, fun in playing with hardware and robotics.

Further Reading

Review papers of the Proseminar in the last winter term (TUMonline login required)

-- Main.renjewsk - 19 Jan 2016