Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

Advanced Machine Learning in Neurorobotics

Organizers PD Dr.rer.nat Florian Röhrbein, Florian Walter
Module IN2106
Type Master Lab Course
Semester WS 2016/2017
ECTS 10.0
Time & Location Thursday, 10:00 - 12:00, FMI 03.07.011
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Contents & Scope

Neurorobotics is an interdisciplinary field of research at the intersection of robotics, machine learning and neuroscience. It builds an experimental link between robotics and neuroscience by connecting biologically realistic simulations of the brain to robots. One the one hand, this enables neuroscientists to validate hypotheses in fully observable artificial closed-loop experiments. On the other hand, roboticist can benefit from neuroscientific findings by using brain simulations for robot control. Like real brains, these brain models cannot be programmed but must learn the desired behavior using algorithms from machine learning and neuroscience.

The focus of this practical course is twofold. First, a key element of neurorobotics research is the integration of brain simulations with robotic bodies. This includes both connecting simulators from robotics to neural modals and the interfacing of neuromorphic hardware to physical robots. The second focus of the course is on using these tools to implement and investigate different types of neurobiological learning in appropriately designed experiments. Participants will get the unique chance to realize their projects on latest state-of-the-art hardware for brain simulation.

Preliminary Topics

Required Skills

For successful completion of the lab course, proficiency in C/C++ or Python is required. Additional knowledge in robotics, embedded systems and parallel programming will be beneficial.

Final Presentation

Final presentations have been scheduled based on your preferences as listed below. The poster will be printed if you submit it before the specified date. Otherwise, you will need to take care of printing the poster yourself. The final poster has to be submitted before the presentation.

Group Date Poster due by
Spiking Neural Networks for Autonomous Mobile Robots 06.02.2017, 10:00 - 12:00 03.02.2017, 12:00
Genetic Programming with Spiking Neural Networks on SpiNNaker 06.02.2017, 10:00 - 12:00 03.02.2017, 12:00
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotics 10.02.2017, 10:00 - 12:00 09.02.2017, 12:00
Deep Traffic Sign Detection on a Driving Simulator 10.02.2017, 10:00 - 12:00 09.02.2017, 12:00
Multilayer HTMs for Robotics 10.02.2017, 10:00 - 12:00 09.02.2017, 12:00


If you are interested in joining the lab course, please send us your personal profile. Optionally, you may also submit a project proposal. Use the templates available for download in the course materials section below. In case you submit a project as a group, please select one group member who will submit the project proposal.

The information you provide in your personal profiles and project proposals will help us to make appropriate decisions during the matching process. All applications are due by July 8, 8:00 AM (send them via e-mail to Florian Walter).

Course Materials

Further Reading