Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

HBP Neurorobotics WS 2016/17

Organizer PD Dr.rer.nat Florian Röhrbein
Module IN2107
Type Research Seminar
Semester WS 2016/17
ECTS 4.0
Room 03.07.011
Time Thursday, 9:00



A seminar introduction for SS17 will be given on Feb 23


* Combination of Plasticity and Machine Learning Algorithms

* MiRo and related approaches

* Backpropagation as a model of cortical processing?

* Novel learning algorithms for spiking neural nets

* Cerebellar Models for Learning Robot Control

* Efficacy of artifical and spiking NNs in solving advanced learning tasks

* Deep learning on neuromophic hardware

* Recent trends in neuromorphic hardware

* Much ado about nothing – do artificial neural circuits improve robotics control?

* Learning or De-Learning - How Motor Circuits Develop

* Limits and Potential of Deep Learning in Robotics

* Overview and comparison of existing software / tools for neural simulations

* Neural plasticity for robotic information streams

* Robotics for Neuroscientists – more than just a mechanical test platform for neural hypotheses?

* Compliant Actuators – more than just a vestigiality?

* AND MANY MORE.........


Date Presenter Topic
06.10.2016 Marwin Sandner Implementation of a Cortical Memory Model on the SpiNNaker Neuromorphic Hardware
13.10.2016 NO CLASS summit HBP @Florence
20.10.2016 Fabian Reinisch Development of a mobile remote control and visualization app for robotics
27.10.2016 NO CLASS ...due to multiple business trips
03.11.2016 Zhenshan Bing Smooth gait transition of body shape and locomotion speed for a snake-like robot
10.11.2016 Thomas Krieger Modeling of a spine for a robotic mouse
17.11.2016 Philipp Stratmann Deep Learning: The Neuroscientific Background
24.11.2016 Benedikt Feldotto Learning a Robot Model with HTM
01.12.2016 Hossain Mahmud Ensemble Learning in Data Streams
08.12.2016 Azalee Farshad A Neuromorphic Implementation for Legged Robot Walking
  Kenny Sharma Report on SfN meeting
15.12.2016 Raphael Pusch Whole-Body Design Concepts for a Biomimetic Mouse Robot
12.01.2017 Nicolas Berberich Master thesis mid-term presentation
  Leonard Rychly Recent Developments in Neuromorphic Hardware
19.01.2017 Claus Meschede Reinforcement Learning in SNNs
26.01.2017 Rebekka Seltmann Master thesis: Application of Machine Learning Methods
    to the structural health monitoring of wind turbine blades
02.02.2017 Azade Farshad Maze Experiments with Mice
09.02.2017 Johannes Klein Implementation of Spiking Neural Network Simulator for the Epiphany Multicore Architecture
  Peer Lucas Design, Construction and Validation of a Life-Size Robot Model for Biomimetic Locomotion in Small Mammals
16.02.2017 Sandro Weber Virtual and Augmented Reality for the NRP and other Simulation Environments
23.02.2017 Florian Röhrbein Introductory class for SS17 slides
02.03.2017 Mario Senden (Maastricht) An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Visuo-Motor Integration slides
09.03.2017 NO CLASS HBP workshop on Consciousness @Paris
16.03.2017 Evgeny Kalechits Tech Transfer & Innovation Opportunities in the Field of Neurorobotics slides
23.03.2017 NO CLASS European Robotics Forum @Edinburgh

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